Bridging the gap between the 90s and the 2000s, big train brought the surreal comedy to mainstream audiences when it first aired on BBC 2 in 1998, while helping launch the careers of Simon Pegg, Kevin Eldon and Julia Davis in the process. Despite only having two seasons of six episodes each, the sketch series from the creators of Father Ted has left an indelible mark on the UK comedy landscape.

Part of the show’s strength is its total commitment to the ridiculous and absurd premise of each skit, the dramatic talents of its actors often highlighted as much as their comedic talents. Big Show’s standout performers, including Mark Heap, Kevin Eldon, Julia Davis, Amelia Bullmore and Simon Pegg, show such versatility and commitment that they often elevate the sketches to another level of brilliance. Sketches featuring ’80s pop sensation Darryl Hall and John Oates touring a deprived housing estate or reimagining Florence Nightingale as a boorish, alcoholic nurse are unparalleled in their marriage of the bizarre with the believable.

Aside from a few skits uploaded to YouTube (never the most reliable or stable home for clips seeking to circumvent copyright laws), tracking down Big Train is no easy task. Still, one of the most influential and important comedies of the generation can still be found, as long as you’re prepared to look in the right places.

Watch Big Show in the UK

Although a BBC production, Big Train’s age probably prevents it from continuing to appear on iPlayer. The influential sketch show can, however, be found on a UK-centric streaming platform Britboxwhile physical DVD copies can be purchased at

Watch Big Train in the United States

Apart Britbox (which is available to US residents), there is nowhere else to legally watch Big Train online. The DVD is available on

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