Before chicago fire season 11 premieres, you’ll want to play catch-up. Where can you stream chicago fire season 10 online? Here’s everything you need to know.

We know chicago fire Season 11 will air in September on NBC. This will pick up with the cliffhanger ending at Season 10, which was actually relatively tame compared to previous cliffhangers we’ve seen.

Before heading into the new season, you’ll want to rewatch season 10. After all, there was a lot going on, including Casey’s exit, Severide and Kidd’s big storylines, and Emma’s problem. Some of these storylines are set to return in the new season, so revisiting them is essential.

The big question for many is where to go to review. The season will be on DVD soon, but you’ll want to be able to stream. So is chicago fire season 10 on Netflix? What about Prime Video or Hulu?

Chicago Fire season 10 is still streaming on Hulu (for now)

Right now, there are two places to go to stream the season. You can always go to Hulu to watch the episodes, or you can go directly to Peacock.

We say “always” for Hulu because it won’t be around for very long. Since the series is an NBC show, it’s no surprise that NBCUniversal wants to put the show on its own streaming platform. It’s Peacock for those who lose track of the many streaming platforms.

Eventually, all NBC shows will air exclusively on Peacock. There just isn’t a date for that to happen yet. We expect this to happen in September 2022, as fall releases are only heading to Peacock. take advantage of chicago fire be on Hulu at the moment.

You can also buy the episodes on Digital. This is possible through various platforms including Amazon Video, iTunes, YouTube, etc. When you purchase the episodes, you only have to pay once and the episodes will remain in the digital library of your choice. It’s a great way to avoid monthly payments for streaming platforms.

chicago fire Season 11 airs Wednesday, September 21 at 9/8c on NBC. Watch the next day on Peacock.