For those keen to rewatch Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy before Amazon’s The Rings of Power, the options are endless.

With Amazon power rings series on the horizon, 2022 is proving to be an exciting time for the Tolkien fandom. Almost every day brings new information about the series for fans to dissect and speculate. In short, the excitement and anticipation of new The Lord of the Rings the content is palpable. However, power rings doesn’t hit Prime Video until this fall, which means viewers have another six months to wait.

On the bright side, that means it’s a great time to dive into Tolkien’s work for both longtime fans and newcomers. Of course, the best way to understand the stories of Middle-earth is to read the real books. But Peter Jackson’s early 2000s adaptation of Tolkien’s trilogy is beloved for good reason, and it’s a thoroughly enjoyable way to experience the timeless adventures of Frodo and the Fellowship. And in 2022, there are more options than ever to watch the movies. Here’s a breakdown of all the ways to watch and/or stream the award-winning film The Lord of the Rings trilogy right now, online and offline.

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Where to stream The Lord of the Rings online

Streaming is by far the most convenient way to watch The Lord of the Rings. Unfortunately, the movies are no longer available on Netflix. But those with an HBO Max account are in luck because not only does the platform own the streaming rights to all three films, but it also hosts the extended editions. Although opinions differ on the subject of higher cuts, the majority of fans will agree that the extended versions are worth experiencing at least once.

HBO Max accounts are priced similarly to other major streaming services, with a subscription costing $9.99 per month. Those who don’t yet have an account can try the service for free for a week, after which billing will start on a monthly basis. With careful time management, it is entirely possible to take advantage of all The Lord of the Rings in a week, even extended versions.

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How to Watch The Lord of the Rings on Basic Cable

Although most people today have at least one or two streaming service subscriptions, the preponderance of options available means that many won’t necessarily have HBO Max. Luckily, there’s another avenue for those with basic cable access who don’t mind watching old-school movies. TNT owns the basic cable rights to the Peter Jackson trilogy and airs the films quite frequently. Just check the broadcast schedule via TV Guide or TNT website and set a reminder to tune in when the movies air.

Where to Rent or Buy The Lord of the Rings Online

King Aragorn Lord of the Rings

If streaming the movies or getting them on cable isn’t enough, there’s no need to worry – there are more ways than ever to rent or own the movies, whether you prefer extended editions or theatrical. Streaming retailers such as Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play and Vudu have digital copies to buy, priced at $14.99 for theatrical cuts and $17.99 for extended editions. The same retailers have the series on digital rental at $3.99 each for theatrical movies and $9.99 for each extended release.

Fans who like to own physical copies of their favorite media are also in luck, as Amazon and other big-box retailers have remastered DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K Ultra HD sets available for purchase. Be warned, however, many fans complained about the color grading in the Blu-Ray edition. Therefore, the 4k Ultra HD versions are a preferable alternative for those who wish to own the best version of The Lord of the Rings available now. The physical media editions are also notable for the massive amounts of bonus and behind-the-scenes content they contain, much of which is just as entertaining and compelling as the films themselves.

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