toy story fans have always wanted to know more about Buzz Lightyear. Now is the time to see its story, but where can we stream the film after theaters?

Light year finally hits theaters this week (out Friday, June 17). It’s time to see the origin story of space ranger Buzz Lightyear. Although Tim Allen does not voice the character, it is still a film that all toy story fans are going to want to check it out. Chris Evans will voice the role in this origin story.

While you can head to the movies right now, you’ll definitely want to rewatch the movie at home. Sure, there’s DVD and Blu-ray, but you’ll want to see if it’s on a streaming platform you already have. Where is this film going to go?

Where to stream Lightyear online

There’s only one place this movie will go after the theatrical release. It’s all about Disney+.

Light year is a Pixar movie. All other Pixar movies went to Disney+ after theatrical release. In fact, many movies headed straight to Disney+ when they hit theaters. It was a response to the pandemic issue with movie theaters closing, but it’s also because it proved to be financially viable for Pixar.

This movie is not going straight to Disney+. As it is an IMAX broadcast, it will be exclusive to theaters for a while. It’s not yet known when it will be heading to Disney+. Disney+ hasn’t been entirely consistent with movie release dates on the streaming platform.

The film was banned in the United Arab Emirates. There is a moment where two female characters kiss, so the UAE chose to ban the film. It probably won’t come to the Disney+ platform either.

Light year hits theaters Friday, June 17. He will come to Disney+ after.