pearl is now playing in theaters and has had rather successful first weekend. And the fact that the Halloween season is in full swing isn’t the only reason pearl did so well, it’s also because the movie is brilliant! The X franchise has become a favorite among fans of the genre. If you haven’t seen it because you avoid movie theaters or just prefer to stream movies from home, you’re probably very excited and can’t wait to find out! But when will he pearl be streaming? And on what platform? Here’s what we know so far.

Ti West’s pearl is a prequel to his hit horror feature film X. In the prequel, we follow the titular character when she was young. Fans Learn About Pearl’s Obsession With Fame And Beauty And How She Became The Villain We Meet X.

If you can’t get enough X film series, you’ll be happy to hear that a sequel to X is under construction. That’s right, we’ve gone back in time and now we’ll catch up with Maxine in the next movie, MaXXXine.

Where will Pearl be shown after theaters?

What you expected pearlbecause you haven’t seen it yet or want to watch the movie again, we’re here for you. But hey, don’t kill the messenger! Unfortunately, we don’t know where the movie will stream after it hits theaters.

The original, x, is not available to stream on any free platform with your subscription. Instead, to watch the movie, you’ll need to rent or buy it online, along with the DVD/Blu-ray. It’s very likely that this prequel will receive the same release treatment. In a few weeks, pearl will be available for rental or purchase on iTunes, Vudu and other VOD services, but not on any platform under our subscription.