Long before the global pandemic of 2020, we were seeing a trend towards instant gratification influenced by handy streamers like Netflix. COVID-19 has only made this trend more inevitable as people currently have a very good reason to seek home entertainment. As the demand for digital movies grows, it’s easier for studios to try more expensive models for individual movies and gauge our interest as consumers as we go. Those changes are already underway: Variety reports that a 2020 poll by the TV Time app shows that viewers expect superhero movies to cost more on VOD, while movies of superheroes cost more on VOD. art and essay should cost less.

You can’t put a price tag on a movie that makes sense to you, but it’s worth remembering that someone else can always do it. As streamers and corporations wage a seemingly endless war on the cost of art, it’s also worth noting that you can pick up a double DVD of two Michael Keaton “Batman” films for under $ 7 from big box retailers, while they’ll run you about $ 20 total on iTunes and Amazon. Does it solve complex and daunting industry-wide problems? No, but hey, at least you’d get two great “Batman” movies out of it.