Fans craved the theatrical cut of the original Star Wars series. It’s up to Disney to decide, but will House of Mouse release the unedited films?

George Lucas is the one who created the star wars original trilogy, but Disney acquired the rights after buying Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox and hasn’t released the original cuts since. George Lucas was the lead filmmaker and mastermind behind the star wars universe and he established Lucasfilm in 1971 to act as a production company and visual effects studio. Lucasfilm has produced iconic films like IndianaJones and The land before timeas good as star wars. After Disney bought Lucasfilm, the company had dealings that meant it didn’t get all of Star Wars originally, but what’s stopping them now?


the original star wars trilogy has had several re-releases since the release of the special editions in 1997, and these different releases change much of the content of the films. Changes in the star wars the films included various special effects updates, scene expansions, and a title change. Later re-releases even added dialogue and characters, and eventually replaced Anakin Skywalker’s Force Ghost, originally played by Sebastian Shaw, with Hayden Christensen who played the role in the prequel trilogy. The public is often split on whether the updates have helped or hurt the star wars movies, most often based on which version they saw first.

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The theatrical cuts of star wars are highly sought after, many are hoping Disney will release the original star wars trilogy. By streaming the unedited versions, Disney would give many fans access to star wars films that they have not been able to see as they are. For those who couldn’t see Star Wars in theaters when it was released in 1977, it’s unlikely they’ll otherwise be able to see the original cut, especially since it’s hard to find copies of the theatrical cut from the original. star wars trilogy.

Why Star Wars Theatrical Cuts Aren’t Widely Available

Luke Skywalker convinces Han Solo to save Princess Leia in Star Wars A New Hope

The unedited original star wars the trilogy is not easy to find. Originally released on VHS, tapes which are still of good quality have become extremely rare, and therefore expensive, so the original star wars The VHS version has become a coveted collector’s item. While the theatrical cut was included as bone content on the 20006 DVD star wars version, the quality is very poor and there are still minor differences in the audio mix, so it’s not exactly the original, unedited star wars original trilogy. The only Blu-ray version of star wars the original trilogy is not the theatrical cut, but the edited version of A new hope, The Empire Strikes Backand Return of the Jedi. Returning to the source, the original negatives of star wars movies, might seem like an obvious option, but George Lucas said the negatives of the original theatrical versions of the first star wars trilogy aren’t in decent condition, and he resisted re-releasing the original cut. The only way to currently acquire the theatrical cuts of Star Wars being 2006 DVD or VHS tapes, the star wars theatrical cuts remain unavailable to watch.

How to watch the original, unaltered Star Wars theatrical cuts

Luke Skywalker captured by stormtroopers in Star Wars

Currently the only way to legally watch the unmodified original star wars theatrical cuts involves finding copies of the 2006 DVDs or VHS tapes, some of which are available for a premium price online or through auctions. There are fan mods online, including the Harmy Specialized Edition, which is a star wars fan-created version of the original theatrical releases which aims to recreate and preserve the original versions of the star wars trilogy. There are alternative fan projects, but Harmy’s specialty edition continues to be the most popular. Unless there’s a yard sale with the original VHS tapes or DVDs from 2006, find the unedited original star wars trilogy can be expensive and difficult.

Does Disney own the rights to the original Star Wars theatrical cuts?

Disney Still Claims The Original Star Wars Trilogy Doesn't Exist Boba Fett

When Disney originally bought Lucasfilm in 2012, they didn’t acquire the entire star wars franchise. The terms of their original deal, which had Disney spend a colossal $4 billion, stipulated that Disney would have the right to The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and the prequel trilogy in 2020. George Lucas and Fox were partners on A new hope, so the film had to stay with Fox. Disney now owns 21st Century Fox, which means the entire franchise is under one House of Mouse roof. By buying both Lucasfilm and 21st Century Fox, Disney owns the rights to the original star wars theatrical cuts, but whether they will actually release them remains a mystery.

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Why Disney Should Release The Unaltered Original Star Wars Trilogy

Star Wars Original Movie Force Ghosts

Disney could easily profit from the release of the theatrical cuts of the original star wars trilogy. Whether it’s a Blue-ray DVD or streaming release, many viewers would love to see the films again in their original form, and they’ve been asking for it for a long time. Disney releasing the original cut would allow fans who couldn’t see the theatrical release to do so and see an important part of cinematic history. This would follow a precedent when Warner Bros. released Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League on HBO Max, providing fans with the content they’ve been asking for so they can see another version of the film.

Will Disney Ever Release The Unaltered Original Star Wars Trilogy?

Star Wars Leia A New Hope Darth Vader

When George Lucas updates the original star wars trilogy in 1997, he called the theatrical releases “Coarse cut” from the film, referring to the new releases as the “final cut.” He believes that the theatrical cut of star warswill disappear. Even the 35 million tapes of Star Wars won’t last more than 30 or 40 years… the only version that will be remembered will be the DVD version…This final cut has since been changed, resulting in further adjustments to the films and taking the Star Wars trilogy even further from its original cut. Although Disney owns the films and Lucas no longer has his say to say about what happens, Disney is unlikely to go against its will on the theatrical version of the original star wars trilogy.

With Lucas’ heavy stance against the original cut, it won’t be the same as with Snyder, as he and the fans wanted the Snyder cut released. Fans Keep Asking For The Original Cut, But Disney Only Owned The Entire star wars for about two years and it seems that they are largely focused on creating new content. Disney has made no move to release unedited cuts of the original. star wars trilogy, and at this time there are no known plans to release them in the future.

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