When there is a movie we like, we want to add it to our DVD collection. Don’t make me go is a must-watch, but will it get the DVD treatment?

Of course, there is the benefit of looking Don’t make me go systematically on Prime Video. It’s an Amazon movie, and it’s not going anywhere from the streaming platform. That doesn’t mean you’ll always have your Prime membership running. It doesn’t mean you don’t want to watch the movie.

So you will watch the DVD releases. Don’t make me go is a heartfelt story with plenty of humor and tears to work for all emotions. So can you watch it without your Prime subscription?

Don’t Make Me Go could be coming to DVD and Blu-ray

There’s a chance we’ll see the John Cho movie heading to DVD and Blu-ray. Although this is an Amazon Original movie, this will not stop the DVD release. We’ve recently seen a few Amazon movies on DVD and Blu-ray.

Cinderella is the most recent version, but The sound of metal has a DVD release date. This suggests that it’s not just theatrical releases that are getting the DVD treatment. However, it should be noted that we are still awaiting the likes of Handsome boy and Brittany runs a marathon to get DVD releases, so it’s not guaranteed we’ll see it.

Whether Don’t make me go arrives on DVD, we plan to wait about a year at least. Amazon will want to make sure people use their Prime account to watch the movie as much as possible. We probably won’t see it head to digital. It makes no sense for Amazon to release the content on Digital when it’s available to stream on its own platform.

Don’t make me go is now available on First video.