On TikTok, a woman has gone viral for sharing her appreciation after seeing a 20-year-old Domino employee “kill him” while working completely alone at one of the pizza chain’s restaurants.

Christine Ferguson, who shares under the username @bluegrassblogger, decided to collect her pizza after noticing that her pie could take up to two hours to be delivered.

When she walked into the Domino’s store where she had ordered, she was amazed to find a young woman running the entire store by herself.

“I’m watching this 20-year-old girl running this Domino’s by herself,” Christine says in her video, which has been viewed over 1.2 million times.

“She makes pizzas, runs the cash register, breaks boxes, answers the phone… all that,” she continues. “I’m about to tip her $100. She’s working her little ass.”

TikTok viewers were stunned.

“They hurt her so much,” one user commented on Christine’s video.

“She needs to be paid for every person’s work that she does plus hers,” another added.

In a follow-up video shared on TikTok, Christine explains that her husband had ordered a pizza while she was finishing her work.

After an hour had passed and their pizza hadn’t arrived, Christine looked at the delivery estimator and noticed that it could be another two hours before her delivery arrived, so she decided to pick up the pizza herself.

“I see this girl, just hustling,” Christine explained. “She goes back and forth in the oven, she puts stuff in it, she goes to the station, makes new pizzas, she broke those boxes. She has to keep things moving while she helps customers.”

She continues, “Seeing her deal with this immense pressure and kill her obviously made me proud of her, but at the same time, it was just crazy to see the situation she was working in.”

Christine says she was concerned about the employee’s physical safety and general well-being. “I expected another employee to eventually come out the back, but they never did. I realized very quickly that she was on her own.”

Christine says the worker remained calm and maintained a positive attitude throughout the experience, so she felt compelled to applaud the employee’s efforts with a $100 tip.

In a third video, Christine shares that she posted the original clip to raise awareness about service worker overwork and to salute their hard work.

“Just because they’re not going to college or trade school to learn their trade doesn’t mean they’re unqualified, which is often said in place of ‘unworthy’, to my opinion,” says Christine.

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly made many realize the value of service workers; however, Christine wonders if companies deliberately choose to understaff establishments “because they know they can stretch the capabilities of workers.”

In a fourth video, Christine says she reached out to the Domino’s business as well as the owner of the Domino’s franchise in hopes of giving the anonymous Domino’s employee more recognition.

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