The PS2, the best-selling system of all time, gave the video game industry a boost and launched it into mainstream media. The PS2’s popularity has been helped in part by its built-in DVD player, but mostly by its vast library of games. Even with the arrival of the PlayStation 5, there’s a stack of PS2 FPS games that fans would love to see remade.

However, compared to its predecessor, the PS1, the PS2 featured much improved hardware. Developers were able to design more realistic games with these improvements, which encouraged them to create more first-person shooters.

While several other game genres were popular during the PS2 era but have since disappeared, the first-person shooter genre is still alive and well today.

Here are the 5 best PS2 fps games that deserve a remake

5) Cold winter

  • Publishers: Vivendi Games, Sierra Entertainment

This PS2-exclusive first-person shooter has a surprisingly deep history regarding nuclear weapons. The shooting is also spectacular, with more powerful weapons practically ripping the limbs out of enemies.

The multiplayer is great fun too, with plenty of variables to customize how players play the game. The PS2 classic is spectacular, but a complete remake from the ground up will be perfect and sure to grab the attention of FPS gamers.

The PS2 game has a multiplayer mode that supports up to four players offline and eight online. Human players can be exchanged for AI players in the offline version. A dozen maps and six playstyles are available, including deathmatch and king of the hill.

4) Brothers in arms: En route to Hill 30

  • Publishers: Ubisoft, Feral Interactive

The first installment in the Brothers in Arms series, Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30, was released in March 2005. Despite several sequels to the series, Gearbox Software’s original Road to Hill 30 is still considered its pinnacle.

The game was praised in particular for its team management elements, which were unusual at the time and breathed new life into the FPS genre, which had become obsolete by 2005.

The game takes place during World War II and is mainly focused on tactics. With the exception of a few games where the player is not in charge of any units, one is given command of one or two independent 1-3 man squads at most stages of the game.

3) Medal of Honor: Frontline

  • Editor: electronic arts

The Call of Duty franchise hasn’t always dominated the first-person shooter industry the way it does now. Medal of Honor was considered superior before the Modern Warfare series transformed the genre. This PS2 classic deserves to be on this list. FPS veterans still love this game.

Frontline carried a lot of weight, as two superb PS1 games, Medal of Honor and Medal of Honor: Underground, as well as a PC classic, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, helped propel the series to the top of the FPS pyramid. .

The original Medal of Honor game for PlayStation 2 did not disappoint. It stayed true to its roots, improving objective-based gameplay rather than introducing irrelevant fixes.

2) Red Faction

  • Publishers: THQ, THQ Nordic, THQ Wireless, Deep Silver, Graphsim Entertainment

THQ’s Red Faction transports players to Mars for a future space adventure. The game engine’s potential to create destructible environments was highlighted in its marketing.

These destructible locations were groundbreaking at the time, and they contributed to the worldwide fame of the game.

Many additional works of fiction were influenced by the plot-driven single-player campaign. This was unusual at the time, as most early 2000s video games relied on pre-existing tropes and plot cliches.

Volition, on the other hand, developed a unique plot that paved the way for more complex and well-written stories in the industry.

1) Black

  • Editor: electronic arts

This list is impossible without Black. The single-player campaign in black for PS2 and Xbox was detailed and action-packed. It was a surprising start for a firm best known for the Burnout series.

At the time, the game had outstanding graphic design, high-quality sound effects, and real actors in the cutscenes.

Criterion Titles produced Black with the intention of making it the first-person shooter equivalent of their Burnout games, and it pulls it off admirably. The gameplay is primarily that of a first-person shooter.

Since players can only carry two weapons at a time, tactics are needed when selecting weaponry, which differs in its characteristics. EA is currently working on the Dead Space remake, but FPS gamers would like the company to remake the game for next-gen consoles.

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Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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