If you want to see a new movie, you probably don’t need to go to the cinema. By using one of these video on demand services, you can stream a new movie whether you just prefer the comfort of your home or want to save some money.

The video-on-demand platforms featured in this list usually offer a mix of new releases and older movies that you can buy or rent.

How to Choose a Streaming Service for New Release Rentals

On the surface, all platforms listed may be similar, and rental prices are roughly the same. The main reason for choosing a platform is simply preference.

First, if your goal is to save a few dollars, take a moment to think about how much money you’ll actually save. Streaming rentals often cost about the same as two tickets to an in-person cinema. Of course, if you factor in the cost of gas and the snacks you usually buy, you might find home movie rentals to be a budget option.

Next, think about how you plan to watch the movie. For example, if you’re using a Roku to stream, you’ll want to make sure the platform has a Roku channel and you set up the channel ahead of time.

Think about the services you already use. For example, Amazon Video might be your easiest option if you’re an Amazon Prime member. If you participate in AMC’s or Fandango’s loyalty programs, you may prefer to use the corresponding video-on-demand rental program to collect points to apply to future movie tickets.

Finally, you might want to check the technical specifications. Most VOD platforms allow you to choose between SD and HD video quality, so you need to select the correct format for your TV or set-top box.

AMC is the largest in-person movie theater chain in the United States and Canada. Its spin-off platform AMC On Demand rents new releases and classic hits for home streaming.

If you visit AMC theaters, you may prefer to rent AMC movies on demand because your rentals help you earn AMC Stubs loyalty program points.

AMC On Demand does not require a subscription fee as they rent or sell individual movies. Simply sign up for a free account, install the channel on your streaming box, log in, then purchase your rental.

AMC On Demand streams to Roku, Apple TV, various smart TVs, or your mobile device.

Vudu is one of the best apps to watch movies online for free, but like AMC on Demand, you can also use it to rent or buy specific movies or shows.

Vudu is also part of the Fandango family along with Rotten Tomatoes. If you use Fandango to purchase tickets, you may also prefer Vudu as a movie rental service. Some newer releases are labeled “Fandango At Home Early Access”.

If you buy physical media like Blu-rays or DVDs, you’re probably already familiar with Vudu as a platform where you can claim your digital copy.

To rent on Vudu, create or login to your account and install the Vudu channel on your streaming device. Select your movie, buy it and start streaming it.

Vudu streams through mobile devices, its browser app, and smart TVs. You can also find the Vudu channel on many streaming platforms, including Roku, Chromecast, and Fire TV.​​​​​​​

Amazon also rents or sells recent movies and older movies. If you already use Prime Video, the interface is already familiar.

Before renting a movie from Amazon, you will need to install the Prime Video channel on your streaming device and sign in with your Amazon account.

To rent a new release, go to Amazon’s website, search for the movie, and buy it. You may need to scroll down the sponsored search results to find the movie you want to watch.

When you open Prime Video on your device, you’ll find your location under the “My Stuff” menu option.

Amazon Video is available on all devices that support Amazon Prime Video, including Amazon Fire, Roku, mobile devices, and various smart TVs.

If you use a Mac or other Apple device, you may already be familiar with the Apple TV service (not to be confused with the physical Apple TV device). You can use the Apple TV app on various platforms to rent movies and shows, including a selection of new releases.

Before renting a movie, install the Apple TV Channel on your streaming device and sign in using your Apple ID. The same payment method you normally use on the App Store should also work for renting movies on Apple TV. Once you’ve rented a movie, you’ll find it in your Apple TV library.

Apple TV is available where you can stream Apple TV+. That means the app isn’t available on Android phones, but you can use it on other devices, including Roku, Fire TV, and a variety of smart TVs. Apple offers free trials of Apple TV+ when you buy certain Apple products, so you might want to see why signing up for Apple TV+ might be worth it if you like the basic service.

You may have noticed a red DVD rental kiosk outside a grocery store, gas station, or convenience store. In addition to physical DVD rentals, Redbox also offers a video-on-demand service. If you use the kiosks, you might also prefer to use Redbox’s streaming store in order to collect loyalty points.

Please note that movie rentals in the Redbox kiosk are usually cheaper. New streaming releases cost about the same as two movie tickets. Some of the newer movies may not be in newsstands for physical rental, but if so, the cost will be considerably lower.

Redbox On-Demand is to stream to its browser app, Roku, Chromecast, mobile devices, and various smart TVs.

6. Your regular streaming service subscription

Some of the top streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Disney+ often release specific movies both on the streaming platform and in theaters. While this pandemic-inspired trend has slowed after theaters reopened, your existing streaming service may occasionally offer new releases. Sometimes you can legally download movies to watch offline.

Check if the movie is associated with your streaming service or its parent company. For example, HBO Max sometimes airs new releases from Warner Brothers, while Disney+ occasionally rents new Disney movies through its streaming platform.​​​​​​​

Catch the latest movies from your living room

Some new movies may debut in both streaming and theatrical rentals. If you’ve invested in creating a comfortable home theater, you might enjoy watching movies from the comfort of your own home.

These are not the only platforms you can use. Other streaming services like YouTube also let you buy or rent movies.