There’s been a lot of talk lately about Splash Mountain Attraction at Disney World and Disneyland, because both are should be redesigned shortly.

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The theme for both will magically transform (with the help of some very capable Imagineers) from its current Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear theme to Disney’s. princess and the frog. And while we understand the reasoning behind such a decision, this writer, for his part, thinks Disney reinvents the wrong attractionand it’s a bit shameful.

But I digress.

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Credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

The original version of Disney Parks’ splash mountain attraction open to Guests at Disneyland Park on July 17, 1989. Exactly three years later, Guests at the Walt disney World Seaside resort in Florida were offered a soft opening splash mountain attractionfollowed by the grand opening of the ride on October 2, 1992, just one day after the attraction opened in Tokyo Disneyland.

And while guests enjoy the attraction, the Disney movie it was based on has been a problem for the House of Mouse for years. Because of this, the film is not available on DVD or Blu-Ray, and it never debuted on the Disney+ streaming platform, nor ever will.

Song of the South': 12 facts about Disney's most controversial film |  IndieWire

Credit: Disney

by Disney southern song is set in the post-Civil War Deep South and sees a kind old storyteller, Uncle Remus, share stories about the trickster Br’er Rabbit and how he outsmarts Br’er Bear and Br’er Fox, with a young boy named Johnny, who has come to visit his grandmother who lives on a rural plantation in Georgia. But many believe the film helps perpetuate racist stereotypes against the Afro-American community. As such, Disney made the decision to change the theme of the attraction.

'Song of the South': Why Disney's controversial film isn't on Disney Plus

Credit: Disney

Whether it’s all the buzz around Splash Mountain Attraction who has fans reading more online or looking into the history of the ride or just the curious nature of couch potatoes online we’re not sure but somehow Elsewhere, video surfaced of a cast member at Disney World who found himself tasked with fending off a Florida alligator at the Splash Mountain attraction.

TikToker @MainStreetMagic1971 posted the video to their TikTok account, and it has already amassed over 34,000 views in a single day.

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The video shows a Cast Member trying to scare off an alligator in water dangerously close to the Guests.

Credit: TikTok/@mainstreetmouse1971

Credit: TikTok/@mainstreetmouse1971

As the video progresses, viewers can see a transport vehicle full of guests just a few feet from the alligator.

guests near alligator splash mountain

Credit: TikTok/@mainstreetmouse1971

Because the video is dated, the photos are very grainy, but it’s easy to see the alligator in the water, and at one point during the recording, the alligator can even be seen on the grassy area near the lake. ‘attraction.

Credit: TikTok/@mainstreetmouse1971

We don’t know who the Cast Member is in the video, but he was brave enough in his efforts to fend off the alligator at Splash Mountain, and we are grateful to Cast Members like him who put the safety and enjoyment of guests in the foreground.