I moved to Lansing in 1996 from southwestern Michigan. We had good restaurants in the neighborhood where I grew up. Moving to Lansing was a big change due to the size of the city compared to where I grew up. The bigger the city, the more options for dining, entertainment and activities.

The first place I lived was in downtown Lansing on Walnut Street. I thought it was cool to live two blocks from the State Capitol. Downtown was busy during the day, but I was shocked at how quickly it died down at 5pm. This always seems to be the case. Rather than wandering around downtown with a few businesses open after 5pm, I explored and found many cool places I had never been.

Unfortunately, over the past 26 years we have lost some cool places in the Lansing area. Not just restaurants, we also lost cool places. Some of those places I couldn’t visit. I popped the question on Facebook to see which Lansing area businesses you miss. With over 200 responses, here’s a solid list of establishments we miss. There are a few “chains” mentioned, but let’s face it, they were pretty good.

30 Lansing Area Businesses Locals Miss

Lansing has lost many businesses over the years. These are 30 businesses that were loved and missed by Lansing area residents.

There are many more companies that we miss. Send me a message so we can explore them and add them to the list!

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