This article lists the best free church presentation software available for Windows 11/10 PC. These free software allow you to create and present sacred songs, sayings and verses on the screen during religious gatherings in church or other religious places. You can create your own religious songs or use existing songs available in the database of these software. You can even add background images and templates to decorate your presentation and make it more attractive. After that, simply present the songs on a connected projector for devotees to recite. Now let’s see this list of free church presentation software.

How to make a PowerPoint of the Church?

You can use any of these free church presentation software to create a church PowerPoint presentation. These software allow you to add verses, sacred songs, etc. to your slides and create a complete presentation. You can create a church presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint like a normal presentation. Simply add religious content to slides and create a presentation.

Best Free Church Presentation Software For Windows 11/10

Here is a list of the best free church presentation software available for Windows 11/10 PC:

  1. OpenLP
  2. PraiseBase-Presenter
  3. Datasoul
  4. Quelea
  5. Holyrics


OpenLP is a free open source church presentation software for Windows 11/10. It is quite popular software and offers various handy tools and features. The good thing is that this software is available in installer and portable (travel friendly) versions. So, you can try any version you want as per your requirement.

You can easily present bible verses along with songs on the projector screen for church worship. On its main GUI, you can view different sections that allow you to control and manage church presentations. These headings include song library, Theme manager, Overview, To live, and more. The presenter is allowed to choose the song that will be played. Besides that, you can also customize the background and overall theme of the presentation and then start projecting the songs and lyrics on the big screen.

This software comes with several tools that help you enjoy a smooth experience of church presentations. You can find various built-in songs which can be used in church presentations. It even lets you create new songs or edit existing songs as per your requirement. For this, it is accompanied by a song editor where you can add, edit and manage lyrics, verse order, metadata, audio and more content. Moreover, you can also find a dedicated feature to directly import songs from different sources including DreamBeam, Foilpresenter, LyriX, SongSelect, Words of Worship, etc Awesome, isn’t it?

In it, you are allowed to import existing presentations or you can even create new presentations with verses, lyrics, songs, etc. It offers a dedicated space Projector Manager which allows you to configure projection options, for example, connect to a selected projector, add a new projector, turn on the selected projector, etc. If necessary, you can use images and media files to display in presentations.

Some more convenient tools to expect in this software include Find duplicate songs, track song usage, alert message, re-index songs, update theme images, and more.

OpenLP is one of the best free open source church presentation software using which you can create, edit and manage church song databases and display religious presentations.

You can download it from


PraiseBase-Presenter is another free church presentation software for Windows 11/10. It is a good open source software where you can find all the necessary tools to display church presentations. The software contains different versions of the Bible including King James Version, Luther 1545, Luther 1912 and Elberfelder 1905. So you can view verses from any of the bibles in the presentation.

It contains a dedicated space song editor which helps you create a new song or edit existing ones. Using it, you can write lyrics with the respective translations in your presentation slides. Moreover, you can import song files, song texts, WorshipSystem database, etc. Also, you can find the options to customize default song settings and main formatting options.

You can present the songs with custom background color, slideshow images, chroma-keying, and other customizations. It also provides multi-screen setup using which you can configure multiple screen settings for projection including PC screen, second screen, extended screen, etc.

This software also contains various other features that enhance your overall experience. These features include song statistics, song browser, song search, metadata editor, browser directories and many more.

This is another good church presentation software that you can use for free. Get it from here.

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3]The soul of data

You can also use Datasoul to display church presentations. It is a nice and free church presentation software available for Windows 11/10. It allows you to generate and display religious songs and verses on the projector. You can find a library there that contains several religious songs. You can easily manage the song library and create your own new songs as needed.

It offers options such as transpositions, guitar tabs, sharing options, and more to create or edit your songs. Additionally, you can export the songs to PDF Where RTF format. Besides, it also gives you the option to import presentation slides from files including ODP, PPPand PPTX present on the screen. To enhance your presentation, you can also add a beautiful background and a template to display as the background of the presentation. It also allows you to add text, images, verse list, video, attachment and other services in your presentation.

You can also find various display control options that allow you to configure a projector according to your needs. It allows you to configure options such as speed controls, exit screen, etc. It also allows you to connect to a remote screen using the remote host address. You can also publish the presentation to the web.

All in all, it is a good free open source church presentation software using which you can show church presentations at religious events.


Best Free Church Presentation Software

Quelea is also a free open source church presentation software for Windows 11/10. It allows you to display lyrics, bible verses, prayers, religious songs, etc. in your presentations. This software has different versions of the Bible from which you can use the verses to display in your presentations. It also allows you to add custom text, video, website, PDF, etc. or a church presentation.

It allows you to generate a schedule with religious content that you can display on the screen. It can include PPT or PPTX presentation, images, countdown, website, PDF, DVD, video and other content.

You can create a new song you want to present live or download songs from multiple sources including EasyWorship, OpenLP, OpenLyrics, ProPresenter, Elevanto, MediaShout, SongPro, etc. It allows you to preview the created songs and then you can make them live on the projector.

Some additional features of this software include Bible Searcher, Bible Browser, Export Schedule as PDF, Print, etc.

If you need a simple yet effective church presentation software, go for this one. You can get it at

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Holyrics is a feature-rich church presentation software that is free. It lets you create and display presentations with song lyrics, religious songs, Bible verses, animated backgrounds, and more. It also allows you to import existing presentations with religious content like songs, song lyrics, bible verse font, custom theme, animated background, etc. You can also directly import and view PowerPoint presentations in this software.

To beautify your presentation, it allows you to use a presentation theme from its theme collections. You can also customize display options, including transition effect, delay between transitions, display elements, and more.

It offers a cool feature that lets you connect it to your smartphones and manage the live church presentation. It comes with a VLC player integration feature that lets you listen to and preview church presentations within the app itself.

An advanced feature offered by this software is the To discuss characteristic. It allows you to communicate with other users having this software via text messages. Another useful function you can use is the connect your MIDI musical instruments and record sound. Apart from that, you can also find features like web search (search lyrics and more on online services like, vagalume, etc.) and calendar (create a calendar for members for a specific date).

Overall, it’s a great church presentation software that you can use for church presentations for free.

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What is the best software to quickly project Bible verses while the pastor is preaching?

In the list above, I really liked OpenLP and Holyrics. It is advanced software to project Bible verses on the projector screen with custom background themes, videos, etc. You can check out their functionality above.

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Best Free Church Presentation Software