Funimation details its lineup of May Blu-ray and DVD releases, which includes a Black Clover deluxe box set and several of 2021’s dormant hits.

Funimation has announced its lineup of May 2022 Blu-ray and DVD releases.

The new selection of titles is headlined by the Limited Edition Season 4 of black clover, which will be released on May 17. The limited-edition box set includes episodes 155-170 of the fantasy animated series on 6 discs, and includes a special booklet featuring artwork and interviews with the cast of the series. The company’s other big limited-edition release for the month is the descriptive name Full Dive: This ultimate next-gen Full Dive RPG is shittier than real life! The comedy isekai will be released on May 10, with the limited edition bundled with stickers, a set of art cards, and other bonus materials. Both LEs are now available for pre-order directly from Funimation’s online store.

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Funimation’s full lineup with release dates is as follows:

ANEMONE: EUREKA SEVEN HI-EVOLUTION – Movie – Essentials Re-Release – May 3

2.43: Seiin High School Boys’ Volleyball Team – The Complete Season – May 3

Full Dive: This ultimate next-gen Full Dive RPG is shittier than real life! (Standard) – May 10

Full Dive: This ultimate next-gen Full Dive RPG is shittier than real life! (Limited edition) – May 10

The magic power of the Saint is omnipotent – The complete season – May 10

Black Clover: Season 4 (Standard Edition) – May 17

Black Clover: Season 4 (Limited Edition) – May 17

SSSS.DYNAZENON – The Complete Season – May 17

Skate-Leading Stars – The Complete Season – May 24

Kageki Shojo!! – The full season – May 31st

Kemono Jihen – The Complete Season – May 31st

Super Cub – The Complete Season – May 31st

Other highlights of the month include the Blu-ray and DVD release of Kageki Shojo!!, the anime adaptation of Kumiko Saiki’s manga about an outspoken young girl who dreams of joining a renowned acting troupe, and the trials and tribulations she must go through at the prestigious Kouka School. The anime adaptation originally aired in 2021 and was produced by Pine Jam, the animation studio behind Gleipnir and the next original anime Do it yourself!!

The home video collection of SSSS.DYNAZENONthe second entry from Trigger’s studio (Kill La Kill, Star Wars Visions) share Gridman universe. The anime premiered in 2021 and received rave reviews for its mix of over-the-top tokusatsu-inspired action and more grounded, character-focused storytelling. A movie sequel, which will serve as both a sequel to this show and Trigger’s SSSS.GRIDMANwas officially unveiled last December.

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Funimation is an entertainment company, primarily focused on anime distribution and localization, which was originally founded in 1994. The company now operates one of the largest dedicated anime streaming services in the world. In 2021, Funimation’s parent company Sony purchased the streaming service’s biggest competitor, Crunchyroll, for over US$1 billion and continued to operate both platforms.

All titles listed are also available through Funimation’s streaming service. Collectors who prefer physical copies can now pre-order all titles listed through Funimation’s online store.

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