Terry Whitaker started at Flicks 27 years ago when VHS was still in use

A DVD store that had been renting movies for nearly 40 years is closing, unable to compete with online streaming sites.

Filming in Bournemouth, Dorset began in the mid 1980s when VHS machines were state of the art.

Store DVDs and videos will be sold, and any left-in-box movies will be stored.

Manager Terry Whitaker said he was told by one of his suppliers that there were only 10 DVD rental shops left in the UK.

He said he liked to remember the “good old days” but people “look at movies differently now”.

Star Wars Videos with VHS

The original Star Wars trilogy was found hidden in the store with “heavy and bulky” VHS

When Flicks first opened, VHS machines were still in use, but DVDs quickly took over and streaming sites now rule.

Mr. Whitaker started working at the store 27 years ago.

“When I started it was part-time, then two years became 10, then 20,” he says. “But it was never like work, I always liked it here.

“I found some old VHS machines, they’re heavy, bulky things, and we hid a stash of the original Star Wars trilogy. I also found two old Braveheart posters,” the man from 50 years.

“With a movie like Crocodile Dundee, people had to wait for it to come out on video and then they had to book it. Pretty Woman was the same.

“You wouldn’t just walk in on the day it was released, you had to book it or pre-book it before it even came out.

“It was the good old days.”

superman movies

Store stock will be sold and all remaining films will be packed and put into storage

Mr Whitaker said streaming has made movie watching “less occasion, definitely”.

“Back in the day, you would come as a family and pick a movie each and sit down and edit and watch it as a family and eat popcorn.

“But people watch movies differently now, on iPads, on phones — people will have two TVs in their homes, so they’ll watch movies separately now,” he said.

The store manager said he “wasn’t too sure” what he would do once the store closed for good.

“I still have a few months to close the business and then I’ll find something else,” he said.

“My favorite movie of all time? It changes, but the constant is Dances with Wolves.”

DVDs and VHS tapes

  • The VHS (Video Home System) standard was first released in 1976 and officially discontinued in 2007.

  • Cassettes are about the size of a hardback book, contain magnetic tape, and require a VCR (VCR) to play on a television.

  • VHS won the format wars of the 1980s, beating competing standards such as Betamax.

  • VHS videos can also be used to record up to three hours of broadcasts from the TV.

  • DVDs (digital versatile discs) were unveiled in the mid-1990s and released in Europe in 1998.

  • The discs are read by red lasers and can hold 8.5 GB on each side, although they are very similar to CDs which hold 650 MB.

  • The first release to top the UK DVD chart was Mars Attacks! in July 1998.

  • The PlayStation 2 was widely credited with helping the rapid adoption of DVDs, as it used the format for most of its games when it was released in 2000.

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