The film The dual still playing in some theaters, but is it also showing online? Where can you watch the film from your home?

The last duel premiered in U.S. theaters on October 15, 2021, but the movie is still showing in select theaters. However, we continue to be in the midst of a pandemic, so not everyone is comfortable leaving their homes to go to the movies. If so, the easy solution is to stream the movie from your home.

Unfortunately, this “simple” solution is not always that simple! We live in a world where streaming platforms dominate the entertainment industry. That said, it can get confusing to know (or keep track of) where a movie is streaming. We have Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and many more. Additionally, not all movies are immediately streamed. So where does The last duel fall into all this?

Is The Last Duel Movie Streaming Online Today?

Not at the moment, no. This film did not go on streaming right away. The film left most theaters when its theatrical release ended, but that doesn’t mean it’s already free to stream online.

The last duel is available for digital purchase starting November 30. This means that you can buy the movie where you regularly buy or rent movies online (services like Vudu, Fandango, YouTube and others). Then, on December 14, the film will be available. own in 4k, Blu-ray and DVD. The 4k, Blu-ray and DVD versions will include a short documentary, “The Making of the Last Duel”, according to Slash movie.

When is The Last Duel movie free on HBO Max?

The last duel will ultimately be free to watch, and the streaming platform you’ll find it on is HBO Max, where most of the great features are. As for when? We don’t have an exact date, but it should be around 45 days after its theatrical release, so sometime in December.