Think back to when you were 17 – chances are you were living in your parents’ house and still in school or navigating your first job.

Well, just two months before his 17th birthday, Issey Moloney was able to buy her own apartment in London with the money she earned as a TikTok star.


Issey Moloney moved house just two months before his 17th birthdayCredit: Instagram
She now lives in London and focuses on her online career


She now lives in London and focuses on her online careerCredit: Tiktok/@isseypovs

Addressing the daily starthe social media star opened up about how she joined the app to have fun during lockdown.

From the age of nine, Issey made videos on before moving on to ICT Tac.

She explained: “I opened a brand new account and started posting POVs. [‘point of view’ videos]where you make up a story and pair it with a song.”

And to ensure her audience never got bored, the teenager said she “mixed up her content a lot” so there was always something new for her followers to watch.

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In addition to his fun viral clips, Issey also films videos relevant to his teenage audience – on topics including mental health, school and dating.

Never in her wildest dreams did Issey think the hobby she started in lockdown would turn into a real career.

Two years later, she now has five MILLION subscribers on the platform and has her own apartment in London.

She said, “Because I had a lot of locked out subscribers, I wasn’t really aware of how many people were seeing my videos.”

Additionally, the teenager claims that the bulk of her income comes from brand partnerships rather than TikTok.

So what do her parents think of her internet fame? Well, Issey says his dad has been nothing but “very supportive” of his career.

Since graduating, Issey has branched out onto YouTube and spends her days filming and editing new content for her social media channels – but hopes to one day become a catwalk model.

However, the teenager says she’s also had to deal with her fair share of online trolling – which she says is due to her young age.

She added: “I get a lot of hate. But it’s not because I’m doing anything wrong.

“I think it’s because of my age. People often treat me like they would treat a friend at school.”

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Issey dreams of one day becoming a model on the catwalks


Issey dreams of one day becoming a model on the catwalksCredit: Instagram
She now has five MILLION TikTok followers


She now has five MILLION TikTok followersCredit: Tiktok/@isseypovs