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The royal rumble of notes

TV analytics firm EDO, co-founded by Edward Norton, raised $80 million at a valuation of $200 million.

The involvement of the actor result Norton’s experience with streaming production, as there are no obvious benchmarks like box office sales or DVD sales. Actors, writers, and directors often don’t know how shows or movies went.

These days, an increase in online searches for a brand is a surer sign of ROI than ratings or social media signals, said EDO chief executive Kevin Krim. The Wall Street Journal.

EDO’s fundraising also shows how companies see Nielsen’s audience function as their own opportunity. The desirability of providing an alternative measurement system to Nielsen was part of the reasoning of EDO’s investors.

NBCU, for its part, placed EDO in the “incrementality measurement”, “multi-touch attribution” and “audience verification” categories in its LUMAscape-like chart of the future of TV measurement.

The field of competitors facing Nielsen is wide and diverse: in addition to obvious rivals – such as Comscore and iSpot – there are programmatic ad verification services like Integral Ad Science, Moat and Human, ad servers like Innovid that target them, as well as as broadcasters and streaming. platforms themselves (think Roku or NBCUniversal). Panel-Based TV Analytics Startups HyphaMetrics and TVision even see a gap.

On your marks, get set, joust!

Speaking of TV measurement, the altcurrency race feels like the start of a marathon.

Wednesday, WarnerMedia and IPG Mediabrands announcement a joint “test-and-learn” with what they call the top three alt-currency competitors: Comscore, VideoAmp, and iSpot.

Programmers like NBCUniversal have subjected to stress tests providers for months and bet on some of the best performers. But the first steps of this year are just around the corner, and measurement providers have yet to cross the finish line.

Before the first steps, WarnerMedia will measure the same campaigns at the same time and provide reports on cross-platform frequency and non-duplicated reach for its monetary alternatives. WarnerMedia expects a side-by-side comparison of each vendor’s performance and strengths to guide its customers “to make the right investments,” Andrea Zapata, head of research, data and insights at WarnerMedia, told AdExchanger.

Zapata says the industry is “no longer beholden to one currency” – but suppliers are ready to compete.

Comscore is preparing to prove its place with “the completeness of [its] data and the stability of [its] methodological approach,” CRO Carol Hinnant told AdExchanger.

In other words: Bring it on.

Ad Tech gets its head in the game

Has in-game advertising finally gone mainstream?

Here’s one indicator it has: The IAB hosted PlayFronts, its first-ever gaming-focused event, this week.

The event provided a contrast between companies showcasing ready-to-market in-game advertising solutions and attendees on the brand and agency side who are reluctant and sometimes have misconceptions about gaming demographics, Digiday reports.

Many presenters presented typical slightly worn stats, such as the fact that more than 50% of the players are women. But information that is old news on the tech side can be an eye opener for many agencies and media buyers.

IAB Vice President Zoe Soon said the timing of the event represented a “perfect storm” thanks to growing industry awareness, an abundance of ad tech solutions and declining linear television audience, each reaching critical mass around the same time.

The metaverse, which in most cases is built on video game technology, was a frequent topic. However, many participants said the advertising industry would be wise to capitalize on more tangible opportunities in games rather than chasing the pre-existing FOMO of Web 3.0.

But wait, there’s more!

The SEC is investigating Amazon’s use of third-party seller data by its private label businesses. [WSJ]

IRI and NPD, a business analytics provider, are ready to merge. NDP was rumored considering an acquisition of IRI for $5 billion.

Ideoclick raises $20M as it transitions from an agency model to a SaaS technology company. [release]

The Advanced Marketing Lab will use scientific experimentation to inform and expand the business functions of marketers. [MediaVillage]

You are engaged!

The Drake Cooper agency hires Mindy Stomp as co-president, GM. [release]