Check the task(s) you need Boot Camp to help you with.

On the next task selection screen, check the appropriate box(es) to Create a Windows 10 or later installation disc, download the latest Windows support software from Appleand Install Windows 10 or later. Click on Continue.

If there is no hangup, you will be taken to a Create a bootable USB key for Windows installation screen, where you will be asked to choose the Windows ISO image and USB key. Click on Continue to copy the required files to the USB stick or Stop to interrupt the exercise. All of this can take a long time.

Next, choose the size of your partitions or how much disk space you dedicate to Windows and how much for macOS. Drag the separator between the Mac and Windows partitions and when you’re satisfied, click Install. As you make your choice, carefully consider the applications and programs you plan to install on each operating system, as you will not be able to change the partition size later.

From there, you are taken to a Windows installer. Choose the TRAINING CAMP partition when asked where to install Windows. Apple warns you not to create or delete a partition that may erase the contents of your macOS partition.

Follow the on-screen Windows instructions to complete the installation on Windows. You are prompted to enter a valid Windows activation product key, which you may have received by email after purchasing a digital copy of Windows. You will need to restart the computer.

Even after installing Windows, you need to install Apple’s Boot Camp drivers to ensure that the hardware is working properly. Follow the on-screen prompts, click To finish and click Yes to restart the Mac again.