I have terrible news. Not only is Joy quit Netflix on December 1, but Joy is also leaving Amazon Prime on December 1. Now I have to do a mad quest to find Joy if I ever want, for example at random, to put the episode of Madonna for fun. How the hell did the future Gleeks supposed to have their fill now? How am I supposed to come up with a definite idea of ​​how Sue Sylvester actually was the hero or devote an entire replay to finding as many of these creepy models as possible now? Let’s investigate, I guess.

Where can I stream it for free now?

Great question. It’s a bit fuzzy !! Internationally in the United States, Joy is available on Disney +especially in Latin America, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. So it is possible that the American public will get Joy soon on Disney +. However, I feel like we would know. The Mouse streamer really wants you to know what he is doing at all times. They made up a holiday called Disney + Day and everything and didn’t mention Joy once on this sacred day. That’s the kind of thing they were shouting from the rooftops.

So … where could * he * end up?

Personally I think the best bet for where Joy will end is Hulu. I remember the big one Love, Victor shuffle of 2020 that Hulu and Disney are in cahoots, and whether Disney owns the streaming rights to Joy now but needs a little more somewhere mature to place it, Hulu is where it is. If you need a Hulu subscription, you can pick it up here:

Subscribe to Hulu

How can i watch Joy before he finds a new home forever?

Fortunately, you can still buy season passes on Amazon., Youtube, Google Play and Vudu. They include the pilot’s director’s cut, so you don’t miss out on anything you had on Netflix or Prime. You can also purchase individual episodes if you fancy a little. I highly recommend the Madonna episode. You can also go the old fashioned way and buy the DVD boxes. Visit your local used book / movie store, or Best Buy, or start tracking holiday sales online. You never know what you can find.

I feel like it’s safe to assume that Joy will land on its feet on one streaming network or another soon enough. But in the meantime, there are options. Thanks Will Schuester for that. (Make not thank him … for anything … never.)

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