If you’re ready for more Ryan Gosling on your screen, you’ll want to watch The gray man. Is the film streaming on Amazon Prime Video?

For those who want a thriller, The gray man is a must. It’s currently out in select theaters (with a limited release), but it’s also heading to a streaming platform.

The film stars Ryan Gosling as Court Gentry, a top CIA asset whose identity is unknown to anyone. When he discovers the agency’s secrets, he ends up triggering a hunt for assassins. Chris Evans stars as Lloyd Hansen, a villain that you have absolutely no redeeming qualities to make you really hate.

The Gray Man is not on Prime Video

There’s bad news for those hoping to watch The gray man on Amazon. The film is not available for streaming on First videoand it is likely that it will never be available.

This is a Netflix version. This is the only place to stream it online right now. Something big will have to happen to Netflix for the movie to end up on another streaming platform. Of course, things may change in the future, but we don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.

The Gray Man is not on Amazon Video

We don’t see this version available on Amazon Instant Video. That would mean The gray man will get a digital release, and we just don’t see that happening.

It makes no sense for Netflix to release content on Digital. It encourages people to pay once for a movie and watch it whenever they want. This drives subscribers away from Netflix. There may be a DVD version, however. Since the film was theatrically released, there may be room for the DVD release, as that doesn’t affect things as much as a digital release.

Grey Man is only available on Netflix.