No Exit was originally supposed to hit theaters, but things changed due to the pandemic. It happened to streaming, but is it on Amazon Prime Video?

When 20th Century Fox acquired No Exit, the plan was to send it to theaters. The pandemic ended up bringing about a lot of changes, and one of them was the release of the movie. Instead of heading to movie theaters, it went to a streaming platform.

The horror film follows a young woman stranded in a motorway service area. She is in the middle of a blizzard and finds a girl in a van. This girl has been kidnapped, and the young woman will stop at nothing to save the girl and identify the kidnapper.

Things are getting worse. She soon realizes that there are more aliens trapped in the van.

No Exit is not on Amazon Prime Video

The film is not heading to Prime Video. It’ll probably never head to Amazon for free with your Prime Video subscription.

This movie was released exclusively on Hulu. There’s simply no reason for Hulu to share the movie with any other streaming platform.

The only way for Hulu and Amazon to share content is if one of the streamers struggles to reach a point of acquisition. Hulu is owned by Disney. They’re both big companies, so we just can’t see that happening anytime soon.

Will No Exit be coming to Amazon Video?

The new film is unlikely to get a digital release. It’s a Hulu Original. It just doesn’t make sense for Hulu to release the movie on Digital where people only pay once to watch it. It would drive people away from the streaming platform.

That means we probably won’t be able to buy it on Amazon Video. However, we have seen some streaming releases get DVD and digital release dates due to contracts for the streaming release. We’ll wait and see what happens with this one.

No Exit is currently available to stream on Hulu.