Even with gasoline prices at record highs, we know many of you will be on the road for vacation or work. Not surprisingly, we think carrying a gun is an important part of a good defensive mindset. As good as a tool like a gun, it alone is not enough to keep you safe. Preparation and awareness are important factors in avoiding and surviving problems.

Travel week —

So we looked at all of our products and picked out the items that we think someone should be with when they travel. But adding all the items together, the total was over $338! Instead of removing important items from the list, we grouped them together so that we could take 40% off and sell them together for only $200!

Saving $138 is only good if the products are useful, right? We think these products are incredibly practical and include not only materials, but also a training course and a legal resource on the various gun laws across the country.

Here is a list and description of the products in this batch. Once you’ve seen everything we’ve included, you’ll understand why we think this is an amazing deal.

At the bottom of the article, I include a link to a page where you can access all of our published travel-related content.

Concealed Carry, Travel Week Set —

Legal limits per state book –

Our best-selling product and the #1 reference book for gun laws in America. Quickly search all relevant gun laws by state or topic and explore over 30 pages of travel tips and tricks, including air travel, hotel stays, interstate transportation of firearms. fire and the expansion of reciprocity with non-resident permits. MSRP $20

LBS Book

Yellowstone Trauma Kit —

Our best selling IFAK. Everything you need to manage 95% severe trauma-related medical emergencies. Filled with brand name components from North American Rescue, QuikClot and Dynarex. Includes: Molle Pouch with First Aid Patch, CAT Gen 7 Tourniquet, Hyfin Compact Double Chest Seals, NAR Mini ETD, 3″x4′ Rolled QuikClot, Compact Trauma Shears, 2 Pairs of Blue Nitrile Gloves, Mini Marker, elastic bandage and stretch gauze.

MCF Spark Flashlight —

The brightest flashlight of its size, the Spark puts out up to 550 lumens and sets a new modularity standard. It can run on AA or 14500 or CR123a or 16340 batteries. Includes two optional tail caps to choose from.

16340 USB rechargeable batteries —

Use them in the MCF Spark Flashlight or other handheld and weapon mounted tactical lights. These batteries save you a lot of money by replacing the traditional CR123a batteries that are so expensive. Good for 500-800 charge cycles and fully rechargeable via the built-in Micro USB charging port. Indicator lights let you know when it’s fully charged.

Vehicle Firearms Tactics Online Course and Video DVD –

Our complete video training on firearm combat in, inside or around a vehicle. Learn how to deal with environmental challenges, deflection, tactics and more. You will receive access to stream the course online and we will also send you the DVD.

Vehicle Tactical Visor Organizer —

Attach it to your vehicle’s visor to provide additional organization and access to important tools, documents, and more.

Glass Breaker Tactical Pen —

We designed this pen out of aircraft-grade aluminum to extreme strength and portability. The handle has a threaded design to ensure a solid, non-slip grip. The “top” end has a hard and sharp window breaker tool to help you escape by breaking a window in an emergency.

Falcon Molle Gear Pouch —

A extra soft pouch to do with what you want. Perhaps to store extra medical equipment, radios or other communication gear, small tools, ammo or anything else you can think of. Integrated pockets and straps for easy storage and organization. Grab handle and soft strap.

In conclusion –

We believe this bundle is incredible value for products that are an important part of travel preparation. Even if you already have items on the list, keeping a second on hand or gifting something to a loved one is a great idea.

As promised, here is a link to all of our travel-related content. Be careful!

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