Damn it ! Kate Walsh having a great time portraying an “ugly American” on Emily in Paris – and she doesn’t care who knows.

“It’s quite fun to play. These are all cliches,” the 54-year-old said. Grey’s Anatomy alum exclusively said We Weekly earlier this month while promoting its partnership with Alcon’s Systane Complete preservative-free eye drops. “I don’t speak French, but it’s really a pleasure for me to be able to play a character [who] thinks she speaks very good French and actually speaks very bad French.

The California native has starred as Chicago-based boss Madeline Wheeler since the Netflix series debuted in October 2020. Walsh joined the rest of the cast – including Lily Collins and Ashley Park – in France for season 2, but his personal experience in Europe ended up being very different from that of his character.

Kate Walsh as Madeline in ‘Emily in Paris’.


“The French are always very nice to me,” she said. We. “I think sometimes people can feel it as being difficult in Paris if you’re American, but for me everyone has been so kind and welcoming. It’s just a dream to go and work there.

Although her character struggled to fit in among the French, Walsh said it was “a pleasure to shoot” across the pond where she and Madeline “ate their way through Paris”.

the Private practice the actress has already spoken to We on the criticism surrounding Emily in Paris‘ representation of French culture in 2020, stating that the darren star-the series created was not “supposed to be a drama or a French realism”.

Kate Walsh loves playing the ugly American in Emily In Paris
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At the time, Walsh also pointed out that the show was about “an American in Paris,” meaning “absurdity and kitsch” are part of the package.

Before switching to Netflix, the Benefits of being a wallflower the actress starred in Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Addison Montgomery for three seasons from 2005 to 2007. She left the ABC series for her own medical drama, Private practicea fallout of Shonda Rhimes hit.

the honest thief the star recently took it over Grey’s Anatomy role during season 18, which is currently airing. Fans will see her have “a great medical history, but with some great personal stuff,” Walsh said of her comeback.

Kate Walsh loves playing the ugly American in Emily In Paris

“It was like [being] a small salmon swimming in the stream,” she said We. “It was very emotional when I first came back. It was surreal. It’s like going back to a job that has changed my life in an incredible way.

The return to Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital proved emotional for her character, who wept with Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) on Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) death and the memories he left behind.

“[That] definitely wasn’t my Systane Complete preservative-free eye drops,” Walsh joked in his interview with Us. “Those were real tears.”

However, Alcone’s drops helped the actress in other ways, preventing her from “constantly blinking” and distracting her from important scenes. Walsh has 20/20 vision but suffers from dry eye, and with just one drop she said she could see better.

Drops can also help reduce time on set. “I don’t have to do it again [my makeup]“, she told Us.”[And] one drop lasts eight hours.

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