The first thing many of us do when we get home is change the clothes we’ve been wearing all day.

Whereas in the past we could have just hung these clothes in the wardrobe or even stacked them for a week or more, the growing concerns about allergies and pollutants and the special care that is needed for clothes made from materials sensitive have made proper care of clothing a little trickier. If you need a smarter way to take care of your clothes, then the LG Free Laundromat laundry might just be for you.

LG Laundry Center has been helping people do their laundry faster and more efficiently since 2018.

Located in five major cities in Nigeria, such as: Lagos, Ibadan, Benin, Port Harcourt and Kano, this initiative aims to alleviate the shortage of water and electricity in these areas so that residents can carry out their laundry activities efficiently. .

First established in Lagos, LG’s journey has seen low-end top-loading washers give way to high-performance, high-capacity machines capable of handling large loads of laundry in less than an hour. .

Equipped with state of the art machinery with the latest commercial washers and dryers.

LG’s commercial washer and dryer models use features to deliver clean, gentle clothes care. Every washing machine incorporates hygiene technology that cleans the drum before, during and after each cycle, and LG’s commercial dryer uses high-temperature air to sanitize clothes of germs and bacteria.

It delivers significant and differentiated values ​​to customers through LG product reliability, low maintenance costs, and energy and space savings. LG’s efforts continue to enhance global presence in commercial laundry and maximize profitable and sustainable growth with global partners.

LG is offering an exciting opportunity to all customers who visit one of our laundry centers for a chance to win a washing machine. All you have to do is wash your clothes and fill out a raffle coupon to make yourself eligible.

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LG Commercial Laundry offers superior durability and reliability with LG Inverter Direct Drive™ which is attached to the motor directly on the drum. Therefore, it gives you quiet, low-vibration performance and fewer parts = fewer repairs.

Inverter Direct Drive™

Unlike the traditional belt and pulley, the LG Commercial Laundry Drum is directly attached to the motor, providing superior durability and reliability. Fewer parts = fewer repairs.

Top Mounted Dispenser

Don’t worry about detergent spilling from a soap drawer on the front of this machine. LG’s top-mounted soap dispenser makes cleaning easy.

Heat-tempered glass

The tempered glass door is less susceptible to breakage and scratches, while the clear lid allows for easy viewing.


LG Commercial washing machines are ENERGY STAR qualified, meeting industry standards for energy efficiency. Plus, the stackable design allows for more customers and more machines in a limited space.

Energy saving

The tempered glass door is less susceptible to breakage and scratches, while the clear lid allows for easy viewing.

Optimized washing system

When an LG commercial washer senses excessive suds during a wash cycle, it switches to a suds reduction process that provides better wash performance.

Bath cleaning system

A dirty tub after long hours of operation can affect washing performance. Our tub cleaning program helps you keep a clean tub even in the busiest places.


LG Commercial Laundry products are all front-accessible to reduce service time, and intuitive programming controls allow operators to easily choose from a variety of functions and programs.

Personalized program

Users can design their own programs such as washing time, rinsing time, water level, etc. and save up to 20 wash programs to achieve optimized wash performance.

Easy programming

Intuitive programming controls allow operators to choose from a variety of functions and programs, including price, cycle time, cycle settings, spin speed and more, ensuring that all washing requirements are satisfied.

“The opening of LG’s Digital Laundry Lounge outside of its test market demonstrates LG’s commitment to providing operators and customers with a smarter, safer way to turn laundry into big business,” said Brian Kang. , Managing Director, LG Electronics West African Operations. “LG Laundry Lounge is introducing both smart and convenient features to the laundromat environment, trends that we think urban consumers will really appreciate.” On the other hand, “that’s what I really call giving back to society because the real beneficiaries of this project are the masses. I believe that they will take advantage of this initiative by LG Electronics to improve their lives. The laundry is fully equipped with modern facilities for standard laundry service.