Let’s be honest here, there is no offseason in the NFL. Fan excitement is at an all-time high. March and April are just as exciting as the regular season, with free agency and the NFL Draft.

The Buffalo Bills had a busy offseason. It started with practice moves like the loss of Brian Daboll and the promotion of Ken Dorsey. Lately, it’s all about free will.

The Bills made arguably the biggest splash in free agency on Wednesday night, signing rusher Von Miller to a 6-year, $120 million deal.

Miller has been one of the best defensive players in the league over the past decade and immediately makes the Bills the favorite to win it all next February.

What yesterday’s decision also does is make the Bills’ 2022 regular season opener much more likely.

The regular season opener of the NFL season is always the Super Bowl champion playing Thursday Night Football at home.

Normally, the NFL doesn’t like to play this game between division rivals, so the Arizona Cardinals probably won’t be the Rams’ opponent in Week 1. The next logical choice would be the Dallas Cowboys, which the Rams will play in 2022, but since Dallas just played in the TNF opener of 2021, that probably won’t happen either.

The Bills certainly look like the Rams’ opponent in Los Angeles for the TNF opener.

The league wants good teams and since the Bills are a Super Bowl favorite, who just landed Von Miller (former Rams rusher), that makes way too much sense.

The NFL schedule will be released in May. What do you say, Bills Mafia? Yes or no on the Bills opener on Thursday Night Football?

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