Attention buyers, Meijer has reported payment processing errors that could affect a large number of customers this weekend.

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This is not a food or product recall. It goes much deeper, potentially affecting customers’ bank accounts.

As a child, I loved shopping on weekends. Like clockwork it was still Saturday morning at home. I knew that at some point, two big things would happen that morning.

A. I could get free food samples at Logli, now known as Schnucks.

B. I could flick through the most recent Tips & Tricks magazine to find cheat codes for the game that I would definitely rent that morning.


Did you know that Sunday is the busiest shopping day of the week? This changed between Friday and Saturday in 2020, but there can only be one winner and that title goes to Saturday, according to NC solutions.

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Cleaning up in the IT department!

Over the weekend, Meijer Stores head office announced a conundrum involving their payment system potentially involving all of their stores. The company reported a widespread error involving its card payment system that occurred on Saturday, May 21, 2022.

According to DECLINE.

The company representative said shortly before 8 p.m. Saturday that the company’s IT department was working on the issue and hoped to resolve it soon.

At the time of the press release, there was no clarity on when the issue would be fixed or the extent of the digital hiccups.

Let it be a friendly reminder to hop on your bank/credit card company’s app to double-check your transaction before leaving the parking lot.

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