You can say that MultiVersus is made with love. Every move, taunt, and vocal line is accurate to the source material, but the most important thing about any platformer is that they’re in control. And indeed, it is. However, there are some issues that detract from the experience, such as rocky netcode that switches between terrible connections and fantastic response time. MultiVersus has so much potential, but Player First Games needs to implement some changes and quickly.

Game name: MultiVersus
Platform(s): PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5
Publisher(s): Warner Bros Games
Developer(s): Player First Games

A wide selection of characters (already) in MultiVersus

Since the first day, MultiVersus hosts many characters from different forms of media in the Warner Bros. library. You can slay your foes with Bugs Bunny’s hammer or Arya Stark’s trusty needle sword, while Steven (from Steven Universe) places a bubble shield around himself and his ally.

MultiVersus mixes both live-action and cartoon characters in a cohesive style that successfully fuses the two. The visuals are bright and attractive, while the animation of each character is so detailed. For example, this video from Glickstick shows off all the movie references the iron giant has in his moveset, and it’s impressive.

The developer Player’s First Games dug deep and propelled MultiVersus forward with a captivating moveset for each character that makes sense. An example of this is when wonder woman uses her lasso of truth to bring her ally back onto the stage and uses her suspenders for a wide area of ​​effect attack.

Moreover, each of the characters are mostly voiced by their original actors or talented performers who fill the role perfectly. You can hear Kevin Conroy’s voice Batman as he calls Taz a furball and Shaggy a hippie. He also references when he teamed up with Mystery Inc in a direct-to-video DVD; Player First Games has done their research and the voice lines might crack you up.

How is the MultiVersus fight going?

In the past, most licensed platform hunters, similar to Super Smash Bros., failed to grab a decent physics engine; sloppy controls are often felt. MultiVersus is fortunately one of the few platform fighters who has mastered the controls (when online play is running). Every jump, dodge, and attack is responsive, and you always feel like you understand what your character is doing.

The physics of MultiVersus also feels accurate to the percentage attached to your hero (or villain). The knockback effect of hitting your opponents at 90-100% is perfect and, above all, as satisfying as watching james lebron land a three-pointer (yes, he’s in the game). With the aerial dodge system, you also feel like you can recover better than most other platform fighters.

Overall, every battle feels fair and intense, despite a few favorites like Bugs Bunny and Velma having slightly more efficient moves than the rest of the cast. However, we saw Tom & Jerry and Wonder Woman win EVO 2022 (played by NAKAT and VoiD) and beat the top tier characters six rounds to zero, so we’re guessing there isn’t much of a difference.

Although some stages are not competitive, MultiVersus features some exciting places to fight. You can fight in a mansion of Scooby-Doo, which references the original show, or poke your opponents in the Batcave. Much like the characters, Player First Games has been careful in designing the stages and looks true to their origin.

To conclude our coverage of the MultiVersus combat, every move is precise, satisfying to pull off, and really fun to experience match after match.

The poor online experience of MultiVersus

The poor online experience of MultiVersus

That is until you realize that online functionality often fails. The game can knock you down with no chance to react, and it can knock you from one side of the stage to the other if it’s incredibly bad. I tried to team up with a friend from eastern North America while I was in a western region, and time and time again we had connection issues.

Currently the regions are very large with a North American only option; it would be cool if they included more areas, so players can get a better connection. Hopefully this can be improved when Season 1 officially releases with the addition of Morty to the roster.

However, MultiVersus makes it easy to play with your friends. You can use the game’s crossplay features between PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, and the process is easy to understand.

Some other notes on MultiVersus

Some other notes on MultiVersus

With a small selection of scenes available, it can be boring to hear the same songs over and over again. The orchestration is excellent, but there are only a limited number of times you can hear the Steven Universe theme song before it gets squeaky. Instead, a more varied music selection process like Super Smash Bros Ultimate would be ideal. Rather than having two different themes for each stage, it would be cool if Player First Games could implement more themes in stages, like Steven Universethe menagerie of original songs and the many Batman tunes over the years.

Another thing to note is the micro-transactional system. As it is free, MultiVersus must get his money from somewhere. Additional costumes can be expensive at $20 in-game currency to unlock The animated series version of Batman, but some may be cheaper.

Not all characters are unlocked, with a few being available through the free spin each week. You will need to earn them by earning in-game coins, which may take some time. If you like the grind, this is a good app to let you play matches for hours.

There’s also a Founder’s Pack to keep in mind. Priced from $39.99 to $99.99, you can get up to 30 Character Unlock Tokens and 2,500 Gleamium. It’s pricey, but it might be worth buying if you dig the game after playing it for free.

In conclusion, MultiVersus is an outstanding fighting game to watch out for, and since it’s free, it’s very easy to access. However, Taz is said to be angry at the lackluster to poor online connectivity at the time of writing.

If you need to learn some of the characters from MultiVersus, we have some handy guides you can follow below:

A free review code for the MultiVersus Premium Founder’s Pack has been provided by Warner Bros. Games to the writer.


MultiVersus succeeds in making this crossover an epic showdown, but online play needs improvement across the board to keep players engaged.