Slipknot played a concert last night (June 1) in Ohio, and during the show the band stopped their performance so Corey Taylor could direct paramedics to a fan in the crowd who appeared to be struggling and in need of treatment medical.

The concert took place at the Heritage Bank Center in Cincinnati as part of their Knotfest Roadshow tour with Cypress Hill and Ho99o9. Fan filmed footage shows Slipknot playing the second verse of the We are not your type song “Unsainted” when Jim Root shoved Taylor and pointed at the audience.

“Wait. Wait guys, wait,” the singer told the band, pointing at the fan. “Guys, something’s going on over there. Can we get paramedics in there? Everyone back up, make room. Give room, make sure they can get in.”

Taylor praised his bandmates for being the ones to notice the incident and bring it to his attention, and the crowd cheered in response. Once the singer confirmed the fan had been safely escorted out of the crowd, he said, “I just want to make sure they get to a place where they can be watched, guys, I promise,” and he thanked the audience for their cooperation and patience.

See images from the event below. It’s unclear what the fan was struggling with in particular, but we send him our best wishes and hope he’s doing well.

This is the second time in 2022 that Taylor and the rest of Slipknot have interrupted a show to bring attention to someone in the audience who needed medical help. In April, Taylor interrupted the band while they were playing a gig in Winnipeg to direct medical staff to a fan who was on the ground in the pit.

The tragic events of the 2021 Astroworld Festival have really brought to light the potential dangers of massive concert crowds. Taylor spoke about the issue at the 2021 Welcome to Rockville festival, which took place a few days later in Daytona, Florida.

“It’s meant to be a place of celebration, love and respect for each other,” the frontman told the crowd. “And anyone who’s ever been in a fucking mosh pit knows that if someone falls, you pick them up immediately. So I want you all to cling to the memory of those eight souls we lost.

“But I also want you to remember that. It doesn’t matter what show you go to, if you have eyes, you keep them open, you keep them focused, and you pay attention to each other.

Slipknot Stop Performance to Direct Paramedics to Troubled Fan in Crowd

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