Netflix’s South Korean Survival Drama Series squid game and Warner Bros. The Suicide Squad topped the 2021 list of complaints received by ratings body the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), according to the organization’s annual report.

Eleven complaints were filed with the BBFC regarding squid game, which carries an age rating of 15 years. According to the report: “Threat and violence at level 15 were the main concerns, with some people also concerned that children under the age of 15 would watch the series.”

The report sticks to the age rating of 15: “Our research has shown that violence occurring in a ‘real’ setting registers more strongly with viewers than that which is clearly stylized or fantastical. squid game largely takes place in a fantasy game show rather than a recognizable real-life setting.

The Suicide Squad had 10 violent complaints at No. 15, which the report said was warranted as the focus was “in a comic, fantasy, superhero context toned down with violence and gore” .

Slight increase

In 2021, the BBFC received a total of 109 complaints about films, compared to 93 complaints in 2020, 149 in 2019 and 361 in 2018. There is no legal requirement for online gamers to provide age ratings ; however, from 2019 Netflix entered into a partnership with the BBFC to provide ratings to all series and films of the American streaming platform in the United Kingdom, which in 2021 entered into a long-term agreement after its pilot phase , to cover all of Netflix. content library.

According to the BBFC, 91% of parents and 95% of teens want to see the same age ratings they know and trust for cinema and DVD/Blu-ray packaging applied to video on demand (VoD). ) and streaming platforms.

By the end of the year, 27 VoD platforms were licensed to display BBFC age ratings in the UK.

no time to die seven complaints were filed against its 12A rating, due to the film’s tone and violence. The report defended its decision by stating: “In no time to diethere are a number of scenes in which the characters are threatened or in danger, including in action and chase sequences, but these are unsupported and will be familiar to movie buffs and fans of the Bond franchise .

Seven complaints were filed against Venom: let there be carnage. The comments were all from fans under the age of 15 and therefore couldn’t see the film in theaters, or from parents under the age of 15.

Eternals was the subject of four complaints, due to a sex scene as part of its 12A rating. The report states that the scene “is brief and low-key in accordance with our rating guidelines and is therefore not strong enough to warrant a rating of 15”.

A total of 76 complaints were issued against the BBFC’s publication of its language research and came from members of public and religious organizations concerned with the classification of coarse language at U and PG levels.

In 2021, the BBFC published a language guide for parents to clarify what terms may appear at a given grade, with some challenging the acceptance of the terms “God” and “Jesus Christ” at a PG grade.

The report said, “We of course recognize that individual viewers will have their own take on the content of the film and that is why we provide ratings information to inform viewers of a film’s content in advance. The purpose of this information is to help parents in particular make informed decisions about whether a movie is likely to be right for their children.