If there’s a 2021 movie release that you want to add to your DVD collection, it’s Ghostbusters: the afterlife. The DVD release date is set for next month.

There’s really no longer to wait to add the last one ghost hunters movie in your DVD collection. The official release date is set, and you can even pre-order it.

Ghostbusters: the afterlife picks up 30 years after the original films. There have been no sightings of ghosts or strange events throughout this period. That’s until a single mother and her two children move into their grandfather’s old house and end up stumbling upon an old ghost trap.

Of course, once they sort out a few issues, they start to hear about issues. It’s time to dust off the old proton packs and get to work.

Which are they or they will call?

Ghostbusters: Afterlife DVD Release Date

Get ready for the new movie to hit DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday February 1. You can Pre-order Ghostbusters: the afterlife on Amazon at present. With the pre-order you get the price guarantee so that you only pay the lowest amount until the release date. Prices have already started to drop.

When you get it with Amazon Prime, you also get two-day free shipping. It will arrive as soon as possible after the release date, and in some cases it is mailed just before it arrives on the release date.

Do you prefer to buy the film digitally? You can already get it right now. It’s released this week on Digital to buy, whether you’re heading to Amazon Video, iTunes, or one of the other platforms. There is no need to wait, although the DVD output is certainly good for those with an unstable internet connection.

Ghost Hunters: Life after death is available on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, February 1.