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The Super Bowl, as you may know, is a spectacle. And sometimes that means the dumbest things turn into a BIG BUSINESS.

And that’s why I decided to dedicate an entire newsletter to a mic cart.

Oh, this isn’t just any ordinary cart. If you don’t know, I’ll explain.

In the regular season, the Cincinnati Bengals released a tri-level cart – one you might see a TV and VCR on at your school when you were younger (yeah, I’m old, maybe it was a player DVDs in your childhood!) — use for media availability.

The mic cart quickly became a viral sensation. I had this big plan to come on Friday and explain why he should come to LA for Super Bowl LVI – a lucky charm or something.

But I discovered that the Bengals were far ahead of me. Thusday, team announced mic cart go to the big game.

Does that make the Bengals the favorites over the Los Angeles Rams? Absoutely. It’s my bet of the day.

Long live the Mic Cart!

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