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The Final destination The franchise is one of the most enjoyable horror series. Every film in the canon offers macabre death sequences that are as inventive as they are horrific. The franchise has developed a loyal fanbase by exploring various scenarios where a group of people manage to cheat death. But, they quickly realize that disrupting the natural order of things has a cost.

The first five films in the series delivered impressive box office returns. So much so that a sixth installment is in development for HBO Max. And with that in mind, we thought it would be the perfect time to look back on the franchise and rank each episode based on international box office returns. And that’s exactly what we do. To be on the safe side, be sure to hide sharp objects and avoid buses, escalators, bathtubs, nail guns, tanning beds, and gyms.

Final Destination 2 ($90,941,129)

The second installment in the series is the only entry in the franchise (to date) to not surpass the $100 million mark at the worldwide box office. That said, it sits near the top of my personal franchise rankings. The opening is nothing short of iconic, inspiring many memes explaining why an entire generation refuses to follow a log truck down the highway. It may be the lowest-grossing installment in the franchise, but Final Destination 2 remains an iconic outing with likable characters and incredibly inventive effects work. My only qualms about this second outing is that it makes the disappointing decision to unceremoniously kill off the last guy Alex Browning (played by Devon Sawa) which beat all predictions and managed to complete the original film.

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Final destination ($112,880,294)

It’s a testament to the series’ endurance that the first film’s international box office is second lowest. In many cases, each successive franchise installment earned less than its predecessor until the series was finally relegated to direct-to-DVD releases, shot on a fraction of the budget allocated for theatrical fare. However, this is not the case with Final destination. In fact, the third, fourth, and fifth installments claim the top three spots on this list! This is the real momentum. That was likely a huge factor in the decision to greenlight a sixth outing.

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Final Destination 3 ($118,890,272)

This campy sequel is the third highest-grossing installment of the series. He brings a whimsical energy to the proceedings. Final Destination 3 is a little lighter on the actual scares than the first two installments. But the campier tone makes it a fun movie to put on and watch with a group of friends. The DVD version actually has a Choose Your Own Adventure style component that allows the audience to make decisions at key points in time. It was somewhat groundbreaking by the time the film’s home video was released. I still think this component is pretty epic after all these years.

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Final destination 5 ($157,887,643)

The fifth release of Final destination the series takes second place from the top of the international box office gross chart. This chapter comes full circle for the franchise when all is said and done. The bridge disaster sequence is rendered impressively, and the comedic overtones turn delightfully dark at times. I hesitate between that and the second as my favorite outings in the series. But if I was in a rush, I’d probably consider this my top five pick.

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The final destination ($186,167,139)

It seems slightly ironic that the franchise’s most maligned entry was actually its highest grossing. I do not think so The final destination is terrible, by all means. It’s simply the least effective installment of a highly effective franchise. I remember seeing the movie in 3D when it hit theaters and having a great time with it. And I’ve even revisited it a time or two since then. Granted, The final destination is somewhat derivative. But it likely set the stage for the franchise’s fifth installment to subvert expectations with a killer twist few saw coming.

The Final Destination 1024x576 - The Five Final Destination Movies Ranked By Box Office Return

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