The first full moon of 2022 and the dates of all remaining full moons in the year.

The Wolf’s Full Moon is the first full moon of 2022 to light up the night sky. While it will reach maximum brightness as it rises on the evening of Monday, January 17, it will also appear full the day before, according to the. Old Farmer’s Almanac.

The names commonly used to identify the different full moons each month come from various places. These origins include European, Native American, and American colonial traditions.

  • January 17 lupine moon
  • February 16 Snow moon
  • March 18 Worm moon
  • April 16 Pink moon
  • May 16 Moon Flower
  • June 14 Strawberry moon
  • July 13 Buck moon
  • August 11 Sturgeon moon
  • September 10 Harvest moon
  • October 9 Hunter’s moon
  • November 8 Beaver Moon
  • December 7 Cold moon

An interesting fact about the 2022 night sky is that there is no Blue Moon all year round. The next Blue Moon will take place in August 2023. A Blue Moon this is when a second full moon or a full moon takes place. It does not actually appear blue in tint.

Full Wolf Moon isn’t the only nickname for January’s Full Moon. Other names include; Cold Moon, Central Moon, Frozen Moon, Explosive Frost Moon, Hard Moon, Spirit Moon, Large Moon, and Canadian Goose Moon.

Many full moon nicknames correspond to the seasons. The southern hemisphere has its own nicknames for the full moon. While many in the northern hemisphere are in winter, the southern hemisphere is enjoying the summer season.

To find out the exact time the moon will rise in your area, Click here.

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