An employee working at a fast food restaurant inside a Walmart claims he had to call the fire department after the restaurant’s security door malfunctioned and he was locked inside without an emergency exit.

The employee turned to Reddit to explain the situation and seek legal advice. They alleged that the door was closed as they were closing the store. When it was time to leave for the night, they couldn’t open it again.

According to the anonymous employee, they tried to unlock the door from inside the restaurant. People on the other side of the door also tried to open it, but without success.

They added that there were no fire escapes or windows inside the space, so they were effectively trapped. Also, they called their manager who allegedly said they would be stuck there overnight.

Initially, the employee was curious if he should be paid for the time spent locked inside. They also pointed out the dangers of being stuck in an emergency.

They kept Reddit readers posted with a series of updates on the post.

In the first update, they said they contacted the general manager of Walmart, who seemed friendly but unable to do anything but call the restaurant manager.

It didn’t seem like that would be an effective course of action though. According to the poster, their boss was in no rush to rectify the situation. The manager also reportedly forbade the employee from calling the fire department.

“My boss made it very clear to me that I should *not* call the fire department because they would damage the door,” they claimed. “If I’m fired for calling the fire department to get out, is that wrongful dismissal?”

After the boss allegedly refused to come in and assess the situation, the employee said he called the fire department.

Fortunately, firefighters arrived on the scene and refused to leave until the situation was corrected. The employee said the chef called his boss and insisted he fix things quickly. Otherwise, the boss was ready to eliminate the employee.

In a final update, the employee was finally released. They said their boss was unable to come up with a timely solution and firefighters had to cut the door down.

“If I’m fired for this event…I may do a second post referencing this one,” they wrote.

On a positive note, it doesn’t appear that they lost their jobs as a result of the fiasco. A second post about the experience does not seem to exist.

The released employee thanked everyone on Reddit for following him and making sure he made the right choices.

“I’ve never had to call 911 or anything before,” they wrote. “But all the suggestive comments relieved me so much that I wasn’t being too dramatic.”

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