Your Lie in April is a heartbreaking yet touching anime about self-acceptance, the meaning of life, and a deep love of music.

The world of anime covers a huge range of literary genres, from heartwarming comedy and slice of life stories to science fiction, horror, romance and more. Meanwhile, the anime is also known for its heartbreaking but well-crafted drama shows such as A place beyond the universe and I want to eat your pancreas. Then there is the musical drama Your lie in April.

Your lie in April has a well-deserved reputation for touching the hearts of fans, and any spectator or reader of Your lie in April will live intensely the emotional struggles of the young main characters, their hard-won triumphs, their love of music and their quest to find their place in the world. It’s always a good time to dive in Your lie in April.

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The plot of your lie in April

The story of Your lie in April revolves around the two young co-stars, Kosei Arima and Kaori Miyazono, and their musical adventures together. They both love to make music, but their lives follow completely different paths and, tragically, Kaori’s life might end long before Kosei’s. Still, Kosei has his own issues – he may be good at the piano, but his strict mother forced him to play with mechanical precision rather than passion, and after his death his memory began to haunt Kosei. every time he approached a keyboard. In fact, Kosei doesn’t hear the piano at all and is about to give up the music until he hears a girl playing a song in the park.

That girl is Kaori Miyazono who, unlike Kosei, plays her instrument entirely out of passion, and she is known for her improvised and whimsical style, no matter what a music teacher or a judge might think. Kosei’s faltering musical career is both revitalized, and he and Kaori begin to perform as a duet to complement each other’s styles. Along the way, Kosei confronts the haunting memory of his strict mother, and he also has to resolve a delicate love triangle between himself, Kaori, and his charming classmate Tsubaki Sawabe. However, as Kaori is in a good mood, her health fails her and she begins to spend more and more time in the hospital, forcing Kosei to defeat his inner musical demons on his own.

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Where to read the manga Your Lie In April

Kaori Miyazono offering food in your lie in April

Your lie in AprilThe manga is finished and the series, written and drawn by Naoshi Arakawa, spans a total of 11 volumes. Interested manga readers can find Your lie in Aprilmanga online in the Barnes & Noble catalog, and fans can also find the 11 volumes of this series to Right Stuf Anime, in the same way the official link of the novel, which parallels the original story. Amazon’s online catalog also stores this manga from start to finish, and it also offers the new link for interested readers. Barnes & Noble offers the new link also.

Fans who prefer to read the digital version of the Your lie in April manga can try the Nook version of this series on Amazon, along with the Kindle edition of Your lie in April available through the same platform. Regardless of the format, fans should note that there are no omnibus or bound special edition volumes of the manga.

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Where to watch Your Lie anime in April

Your lie in April received a 22-episode animated adaptation, and interested fans can either stream it online or find Blu-ray DVD copies of the series. Fans who would like to stream it can visit Crunchyroll and watch the whole series, in Japanese or English dub, and Netflix also has the full range of Your lie in April in Japanese, English and German dubbing. Besides, Hulu offers all 22 episodes of Your lie in April in Japanese dubbing.

Viewers can also try the Blu-ray DVD version of Your lie in April, and Amazon offers all-in-one Blu-ray bundle in this series, including bonuses like textless intro and end videos as well as audio commentary. Right Stuf Anime also offers this particular Blu-ray set.

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