The store that everyone apparently loves to hate for one reason or another but continues to shop regularly, announced on Monday that it will stop selling tobacco products in select stores nationwide. Will it include locations in Indiana and Kentucky?

Which Walmart locations will stop selling cigarettes?

the the wall street journal was the first to report the announcement saying they had been told by “anonymous sources and store visits” that locations in California, Florida, Arkansas and New Mexico were on the store listing who would no longer sell the products. However, he did not say whether it would start immediately or at a later date.

As for other locations across the country, the company says the decision to no longer sell tobacco products “will be made on a store-by-store basis depending on the particular business and market.”

Tobacco use in Indiana and Kentucky

WHO urges smokers to quit on World No Tobacco Day

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This last quote is important to note because ultimately Walmart is in the business to make money and tobacco sales can be “a big source of revenue.” Let’s take a look at how tobacco use in Indiana and Kentucky compares to national numbers to see if we can determine whether or not places around here will be added to the list.


According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control19.2% of Hoosier adults smoked cigarettes in 2019, nearly 7% more than the national average of 12.5%.


The number of Kentuckians who light up is even higher with 23.6% of adults smoking in 2019. Kentucky is also known for its tobacco culture. While the number of farms has decreased in recent years, USDA reports just over 117 million pounds of tobacco worth an estimated nearly $270 million were harvested from Bluegrass State tobacco farms in 2021.

Although no Walmart location in Indiana or Kentucky has been announced as the one that will no longer sell tobacco products, it is certainly possible that the day will come. However, given the numbers above, I guess, and let’s be clear, this is 100% pure speculation on my part, is that if they are, it won’t be any time soon.

[Sources: Wall Street Journal / Centers for Disease Control / USDA]

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