You were probably quite young when you learned the phrase/phenomenon of putting a message in a bottle and throwing it into the ocean. Often this has been used as a way to call for help for those stranded on desert islands in movies and TV shows.

We’ve even seen it used in songs over the past few decades.

What if you threw a message in a bottle into the Atlantic Ocean and someone actually found it… 11 years later! ?

It happened to a boy from Brockport.

According to the Brockport PTSA, a boy named Jared threw a message in a bottle into the Atlantic Ocean 11 years ago. A woman from the Bahamas emailed the school district and said she found this bottle!

Jared is now a junior at Penn State, which just goes to show how much time has passed since that message was dumped in the ocean (2011).

I love that the woman who found it did the work to contact the appropriate people to let them know the post was found. It’s awesome; Beyond Words.

I remember hearing stories of people doing this when I went to Maine as a kid, when they threw three bottles with messages into the Atlantic Ocean. I guess no one found it and they let him know. Jared is one of the few specials he’s happened to.

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