There have been many contenders for the worst failure in football history, as evidenced by the large number of videos and DVDs released each Christmas cataloging the latest batch of howlers.

We might now be in a position to crown a champion of champions, however, as it looks like William Akio of the Canadian Premier League has produced something truly special, work that rivals that of Tommy Wiseau. Bedroom in the ‘so bad its good stakes’.

In the match between Valor FC and HFX Wanderers, the hosts looked absolutely certain to break the deadlock midway through the first half when Alessandro Riggi found himself at the end of an inviting cross.

With the goalkeeper on the ground and the ball dripping into an empty net, the visitors were simply waiting for the inevitable. Enter Akio.

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All the man had to do was nothing. Instead, presumably in an effort to secure the goal (or, less generously, because he wanted to get on the scoresheet), he took a wild swipe at the ball from a position where he was practically impossible to miss the target and managed to clear him off the line more effectively than the most committed defender.

Akio’s teammates were understandably furious and he was subsequently substituted, presumably for almost everyone’s sake. Assuming Akio’s motives weren’t nefarious, there is some debate as to what exactly he was trying to accomplish with his antics.

Some online suggested he believed the ball had already crossed the line and was just celebrating by pushing the ball away. If true, that’s the very definition of hubris and an act of instant karma worthy of John Lennon’s song.

All’s well that ends well, however, and Akio’s Valor colleagues ultimately triumphed 1-0 without his frankly questionable help.

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