As expected just like the first two seasons, the You The Season 3 DVD is coming. We now have an official release date, as well as pre-order options.

As it was originally a Lifetime series, You started with DVD releases. It continued despite moving to Netflix for Season 2, and now we’re ready for Season 3 to come to DVD and Blu-ray. The good news is that it will happen very soon.

Season three saw Joe trapped in the suburbs with Love. It turned out that Love wasn’t for him, but he was going to make things work for their child’s sake. Then his infatuation with someone else appeared. This time, he didn’t just have to deal with nosy neighbors and jealous friends. He had to watch out for the crazy, jealous woman at home.

With the fourth season on the way, you’ll want to add this latest release to your DVD collection. When will this be possible?

When is You season 3 DVD coming out?

Not too long to wait. The You The Season 3 DVD release date is officially set for Tuesday, October 25. It marks just over a year since the season was released on Netflix, which makes sense. Netflix will want to keep exclusive content on its service for as long as possible.

You can currently pre-order the You Season 3 DVD from Amazon. This will give you the price guarantee, so you only pay the lowest price until the release date. No matter what you confirm you will pay now.

What about a digital version? It’s not common for Netflix shows to come to Digital. This makes less sense than a DVD release, as it means people can stream online on the go. However, it is possible that a digital release will occur for this show due to the first season that comes out this way. We also saw the second season finally released. This will likely be around the same time as the DVD release date.

You Season 3 arrives on DVD Tuesday, October 25.